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Sanitization Services

In a continuing effort to aid our clients and our community, Ecosteam now offers electrostatic spraying coupled with CDC approved and EPA LIST-N products and equipment. These methods adhere to all industry standards including all necessary personal protective equipment and will provide another level of assurance for locations with public access as well as private dwellings. 

Why Hire Ecosteam For Your Sanitization Needs?

Ecosteam uses CDC approved and EPA LIST-N broad spectrum disinfectants for use against SARS-COV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Our current method of electrostatic spraying has been shown to allow our chosen products to remain in contact with each surface in excess of 10 minutes with remarkably little to no residue visible upon drying. We also offer the use of products that require NO rinse, NO wipe and leave NO residue. 

We offer specific one time only full sanitization appointments, Weekly sanitizing and both daily and nightly sanitizing schedules to accommodate all needs. Our system is tailored for locations preparing to reopen as well as 24/7 facilities. Appointments are available throughout the Chicago land area and the surrounding suburbs. Onsite day porter service is available upon request.

When sanitizing your facility our technicians utilize backpack-mounted technology which allows us to cover a much larger area in far less time. This results in less downtime for your staff and your facility. We work with both residential and commercial properties ranging from medical surgical rooms to industrial factory shops and everything in between. 

Why Use Electrostatic Spraying?

Overall, electrostatic spraying offers a more complete, uniform and even contact with almost any surface. It also allows better reach in difficult areas like crevices and around corners.

Electrostatic spraying applies a positive charge to the liquid being sprayed. Approximately 80% of all items in the average room either have a negative charge or a neutral charge. These opposite charges attract giving the liquid a better chance of purchase on surfaces.

When this process is combined with the atomization of the liquid (40 microns in this case) the resulting ultra-fine mist created naturally repels the particle next to it. As they continue to repel one another, the surface maintains a fine layer of coverage for longer. This means less product is needed to cover the surface. 

Sanitizing efforts can be performed alone or in conjunction with any current janitorial program you have in place. If additional cleaning services are needed Ecosteam can provide environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that comply with LEED standards. We offer a variety of services and maintenance programs that are custom designed specifically for each client and each building.

We realize every home and every building is different so please feel free to contact our office for more details and the opportunity to schedule sanitizing at your location.