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Wood Floor Cleaning

Every homeowner wants to keep their hardwood floors clean and looking their best. Like other types of flooring, hardwood floors should be professionally cleaned periodically. Depending on how often your floors are used, you should have your hardwood floors cleaned 1-4 times a year.

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hardwood floor cleaning

No matter how hard you have tried you just can’t keep your hardwood floors clean, shining like new and free of scuff marks. Stubborn spots refuse to come clean and you don’t have the time to sit there and scrub. There are a variety of reasons why your wood floors become dirty and won’t quite shine like new when you clean them. For heavy traffic areas, such as entry ways, dirt, sand, moisture accumulation and other debris that people track into your home starts to wear on your floor. Normal traffic in other areas will start to show signs of dulling as well. That is why Ecosteam recommends that you have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned periodically.

Our professional wood floor cleaners clean, condition and protect all types of hardwood flooring. Our professionals can give your hardwood floors that fresh clean look you have been looking for.