The Science of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningThe foundation for a healthy home starts with clean carpets. At Ecosteam, we provide high-quality carpet cleaning designed to remove harmful allergens and other contaminants from your carpet, leaving you with cleaner, healthier carpets.

We use precise steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, to remove deep-down dirt, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and other contaminants from your carpets. We utilize residue-free, plant-based cleaning solutions that are better for both the environment and the health of your home.

We provide three levels of carpet cleaning services, customizable to meet your needs.

Premium Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Treat Spots
  2. Move All Average-Sized Furniture
  3. Steam Clean Carpet Wall To Wall
  4. Clean Edges All of Carpet
  5. Deodorize Carpet
  6. Dry Carpet Using Drying Fans
  7. Return Furniture to Original Place

Standard Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Vacuum Carpet
  2. Pre-Treat Spots
  3. Move All Average-Sized Furniture
  4. Steam Clean Carpet Wall To Wall
  5. Dry Carpet Using Drying Fans
  6. Move Furniture back

Economy Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Treat Spots
  2. Steam Cleaning
  3. Clean all open areas, cleaning around furniture

Hot water extraction is the preferred method for carpet cleaning for most major carpet warranties because of it’s effectiveness. Our Premium and Standard Steam Carpet Cleaning Services meet or exceed the requirements set by most carpet warranties. All of our carpet cleaning services include the Ecosteam Service Guarantee.


How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

Most homeowners should have their carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months depending on usage and traffic. Higher traffic homes with kids or pets will require professional cleaning more frequently, especially in high traffic areas. Generally, if your carpets are already looking worn or dirty, you are overdue for a professional carpet cleaning.

Regular carpet maintenance will also impact how often you should be cleaning your carpets. High traffic areas require frequent vacuuming, and all other areas should be vacuumed 1-2 times per week. Frequent vacuuming will help capture dirt and other contaminants before they become embedded in your carpet fibers, keeping your carpets looking their best.

Additional Services

Sometimes our carpets require a little additional care to keep them looking their best, and at Ecosteam we offer additional carpet care services to help you extend the life of your carpets. Whether you are in need of specialty stain removal services, or pet odor removal, our team can help – contact us today!