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Tile Cleaning

commercial tile cleaning

Every business owner wants their business to look professional. Customers won’t think twice about judging a company by the appearance of the workplace, so if your tile and grout floors are looking dingy and worn down, your customers might not take your business seriously. Keeping your tile and grout floors clean and fresh with proper commercial tile and grout cleaning services will help keep your business looking professional and raise the moral in your work environment.

Your business sees a lot of traffic and your tile floors are affected by all of it. High amounts of traffic can cause your tile flooring to look dirty and worn down. Scuff marks and stains from spilled drinks and muddy shoes will start to appear and are stubborn to remove with just a mop and bucket.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile Cleaning

Our tile cleaning process releases dirt trapped in your tile, leaving your tile clean and dirt free.

Grout Sealing

Our professionals can seal your commercial grout so that dirt and other soils cannot become trapped in the porous surface.

Wax & Finish Removal

We can strip the wax and finish from your floors removing and discoloration and cleaning residue that may have built up over the years.

Restoration Cleaning

No matter how old your  commercial tile floors are, our restoration cleaning service can bring them new life. We’ll evaluate your floors and find the best way to restore their beauty.

The professionals at Ecosteam can provide a deep cleaning that removes all of the dirt and debris from your tile flooring and your grout lines. Our tile cleaning process will remove of the hidden dirt and bacteria that finds its way deep into your grout lines.  Call the professionals at Ecosteam and breathe new life into your tile and grout flooring.