The Science of Carpet Cleaning

Stone Cleaning

Does your commercial stone flooring have stains? Do you know how to properly clean your stone floors without destroying the natural beauty and luster of the stone? Ecosteam is experienced and equipped to perform stone cleaning services for your business. When it comes to cleaning and protecting your stone floors Ecosteam is second to none. Our stone cleaning services will remove stains and won’t leave behind any residue.

Don’t Risk Damaging Your Stone Floors

The first step to commercial stone cleaning is identifying what type of stone your floors are made of. This if extremely important and will dictate what type of cleaning process and solution our professionals will use for the best results. Acid based cleaners can damage natural stone such as marble, travertine, slate or granite. Conversely, other natural stones respond positively to such compounds. The importance of having the proper knowledge and experience in the care and maintenance of natural stone cannot be exaggerated. Ecosteam provides the highest quality of commercial stone cleaning and our cleaning procedures and solutions are very effective and free of harmful components that can harm your commercial environment.

Put your stone flooring in capable hands, call Ecosteam to schedule your free quote today!